Live DVD on the way…

Some more exciting news! We’re finally releasing a live DVD of our first-ever last-ever show recorded in Vicar Street. It’ll be out just before Christmas and on sale at our Christmas shows and on this site.

In support of a Yes in Australia’s Marriage Equality plebiscite, here’s the first preview of Leeroy the Homophobic Penguin… Australia, please don’t be like Leeroy. #VoteYes #Loveislove

We’re making another movie!

A few weeks ago, we posted that we had some big news in the pipeline (which in hindsight we probably could have phrased better because everyone thought we were announcing gigs, so we ended up having to announce a load of gigs).

In any case, we can finally post the original news… We have been writing a screen version of our Clown play for a while, and we’re really excited to say that the Irish Film Board have decided to support its production. So, with a bit of luck we should be shooting our second feature film Send in the Clowns early next year.

And this time we’re going to be more careful not to fill it with unclearable Whitesnake tunes, so that people actually get to see it. Anyway, Lambrini all around!

Not so secret secret gig…

We’re back in the rehearsal room for the first time in nearly four years for a secret guest performance coming up this week… Well it was a secret, but the Cat Laughs already let the Dead Cat out of the bag and announced it.

Let’s just say if you happen to be at Vicar Street on Friday 7th July at about 10.15 for #RIOTDublin, we might see you there… Damo probably won’t have quite so many bongos.

Discoverdale in Japan…

Discoverdale has been released on DVD and Blu Ray in Japan. It’s the Spinal Tap ending we’d always dreamed of.

Click on the image to visit the confusing Japanese website where you can buy it.

Discoverdale US Release…

Awesome and exciting news! Discoverdale has been released in North America! You can now get it Video On Demand on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube Movies, Google Play, Microsoft Online, Vimeo On Demand and Vudu.

It’ll also be playing on TV on a bunch of Cable and Satellite channels across the US and Canada. Just click on the image below to find all the links and all the details.